Java Community Server.



Started the Java Community Server

It’s an implementation of the Radio Community Server in Java of course. It consists of an XML-RPC backend, HSQL for the DB, and Pnuts to script all the XML-RPC stuff.

My main focus is get the xmlStorageServer stuff working first, which is the bulk of the community server anyway. <

So far I’ve got the basic stuff in place to allow all the XML-RPC stuff to be scripted via Pnuts.


This is cool, would it be even cooler to have it as a block in Apache Phoenix (part of the Avalon project).

Even more the storage part is already existing and working well (do in alpha stage yet). Check out DataStore which is our XML data store on top of regular RDBM’s. What makes DataStore unique is that it is not only for XML (you can store well formated documents (think XML, XHTML), well formated and validated (DTD only yet) documents or regular text documents. It’s a block in Phoenix
with an XML-RPC server block which assures you access to the storage.
You can work with a cool XML based query
language called SEP (Simple Exchange Profile) which allows you to search, update and add documents over BEEP or XML-RPC. You even have a Java client API similar to JDBC. Plus that the license is Apache like :). We tested it with PostgreSQL, SAP DB and IBM DB2. Unfortunately MySQL 4 doesn’t support yet SELECT INTERSECT so the intersect part in SEP doesn’t work yet with MySQL.