I should probably remove this page as all of this projects tend to be well over 10 years old and will probably see no further action.

SpaceMapper – MN8

MN8 is an experimental object oriented scripting language, tightly integrated with the net, which emulates the concepts at the core of XML in order to simplify and make as transparent as possible information extraction and manipulation from the WWW and XML documents.

Written in Java works with most operating systems and allows easy reuse of the huge number of libraries available trough simple wrappers. At this point MN8 has concepts for: HTML, HTML-Forms, Cookies, RSS, OPML, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, Jabber, BEEP XML-RPC, SOAP, MBox.

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SpaceMapper – DataStore

DataStore is a Java based document repository server for storing, querying and fetching XML based documents. It is built on practical needs allowing the storage of semi-structured (well formatted, maybe validated, XML, XHTML and HTML) documents and un-structured documents (TXT).

The documents are stored in conventional relational database (Postgresql, MySQL, DB2, SAP DB) assuring that way the maximum advantages and reliability of these products. Being built on top of the Avalon Phoenix framework, it allows server components to be easily developed, deployed and shared. The documents are managed through a BEEP and/or XML-RPC interface using a subset of the SEP (Simple Exchange Profile) protocol.

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RUE – Resource Utilization Explorer

Using RUE you can monitor almost anything, depending on your imagination and skills. It is
mainly intended to be used as a general, local or remote, monitoring tool for any
Java – based server such as Tomcat, Tyrex, Enhydra, JBoss, JOnAS, etc.

Started as a sourceXchange
project sponsored by Exoffice Technologies, after completions
I considered worth working further on. It has lots of candies, starting
with: XML, JNDI, and hopefully with version 0.6 also JMX.

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Java in Industrial Applications / JaRPE – Java Remote Process Explorer

This was a old (1998) college project, mainly having as purpose to investigate the potential of Java in Industrial Informatics. The conclusions where very positive, and to prove that I built JaRPE (Java Remote Process Explorer) a kind of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. [More]

Other Projects

There are more not worth mentioning little projects, if you are interested please explore: