Technical due diligence.

Seems that not I am the only one with a bad taste in my mouth after the ICANN Preliminary Evaluation. How could one feel anything else when the Gartner evaluated the technical part of the IMS/ISC .Org bid, as Carl said, “somewhere between totally clueless and moderately brain dead.” We are speaking about the peoples/organization who gave us BIND, which runs the Internet, and hosts the F root servers among other important things. Probably we should switch right away all our Unix servers running BIND to, maybe, NT.

So, read Carl’s reaction.

My feeling is that the Occident started recently to like a lot the Balkanian way, funny, we should stop our reform
now since the Occident seems to adopt our way of working. What is
Balkanism? When lot’s of dirty things are made, the press makes some
noise about it, but nobody does anything to correct the situation. When
nobody cares, usually satire is our last defense.