Back from holiday

been some time since my last update, time in which I have spent 12
wonderful days around Europe. Started with Holland, Germany, France,
Belgium and then back to Holland. Still my country top is unchanged
with Holland leading, and I don’t even do drugs 🙂 I don’t exactly know
the reason, I like the people which are worm and friendly I like their
mentality love for nature and respect for the others. However the city
preferences have changed, Bruxelle beats everything, sorry that’s my
opinion. Paris is OK by day but spectacular during the night, oh and
Amsterdam the city of 100 canals and 1000 bridges should I tell you
anything more? Hope to have some pictures soon.

Meanwhile preparing for the 0.7a release of “SpaceMapper”, the new
“MN8” and “DataStore” will be out there in the next 2, 3 days.