Amazon AWS Summit 2013 London

AWS Summit London 2013Excellent day in London at the AWS Summit 2013. Amazed at how mature and comprehensive Amazon cloud offering is and how big and small companies as well as big names and unknown startups use the Amazon cloud and the architectures so easily supported by the Amazon offering and transforms those into competitive advantages.

Really amazed at the scale Amazon operates and the rock solid and secure technologies and practices they employ, really no conventional company data center can come even close to the way Amazon operates their clouds, neither in terms of scale, computing power, efficiency as in procedures and security.

Really looking forward to find ways to transform the things I have seen today into competitive advantages four our customers.


CodeCamp Iasi 2013 Presentation

CodeCamp Iasi 2013 is over, lot’s of people using REST and intrested in doing it “right” so the room was full with plenty of people standing.

For those interested in the presentation, it is available for download at the following adress:

You can also watch it online on SlideShare or bellow: