CodeCamp Iasi 2013 Presentation

CodeCamp Iasi 2013 is over, lot’s of people using REST and intrested in doing it “right” so the room was full with plenty of people standing.

For those interested in the presentation, it is available for download at the following adress:

You can also watch it online on SlideShare or bellow:


Daily Rumblings

Work, work, work. The “Secret Project” is rooling, we are finaly near the part in which real functionality starts kicking in, this starts to be the fun part I like it.

My Psion is broke, the nearest technicall center is in Budapest, and the reparation would be quite expensive, so I decided to try something different, an Handspring Visor Deluxe the Ice model. Initialy I wanted the Platinum model, but I forgot that I’m in Romania and there seems to be no Platinums in stock in Eastern Europe 🙁

Seems that the client side of the web is quite resistant. When Sun first came with the Java language they where mostly thinking at applets, time and market decided that Java is for servers. The same thing happened with the XML. The initiall creators where, again, having in ming the client part of the Web, yet everybody is using it on the server side. I’m just curious for what will use peoples my next product, which for now is secret but like usualy is great and OpenSource.