Quick Palm RSS Reader.

Today I took some time and wrote the MN8 script to harvest my subscription file from Radio and using a simple XSL to render it in some basic HTML. Once I had the HTML files rendered locally I only had to make a main page so that Plucker would convert them in it’s internal format. Here are some screen shots.

Palm RSS Reader screen shot 0 Palm RSS Reader screen shot 1

Not quite satisfied yet, not sure if I should leave the regular HTML
tags in description or I should convert it to txt, since doesn’t make
to much sense. The text would be a lot more readable. Also have to make
it to display only the differences since the last run. The buy line
from the shots is from the screen dumper program 🙂

Updated (8 june 2005): This was a simple experiment and by no way a final product or solution. You can check  Plucker for an complete Palm based news reader.