Where is the excitement?

I’m a workalchoolic, I am one because, maybe, I like to be one. It is all I do, all I want. I wake up in the morning and I want to be in front of my computer, from Monday to Saturday and Sunday.

Still, working or just lurking on the Net doesn’t give me that plus of excitement as sometimes used, maybe I’m just getting old or something. So, today I just realized what I do. I buy things on line, new Visor, laptop, keyboard, mouse wheel, midi keyboard, books, and so on. On line is important, maybe just because the delivery will be somewhere in the future, an exciting moment. Pathetic way of getting excitement in you life, still, it works you have a future path marked with spots, all you have to do is wait and at some point you will find a new exciting gadget to play with for a couple of days after which you start hunting for your next one.

I am happy with all this, except when some stupid ignorant are playing with your order and keep promising you new phony spots, just like now is happening.