Spread the word, make things happen!

Spread the word, make things happen!

Internet is like my second country (or maybe the first?), I consider
its presence and existence vital, and so why would I let it’s
government on some profit hungry corporate entity? Would you?

I see the IMS/ISC .org proposal
as a first step to normality not to mention that supporting, from the
revenue stream public interest projects is the *absolute right thing*.

Even if the IMS/ISC proposal is not the only proposal from a non-profit organization, I have been working with Carl and his team
for some time and I rarely have seen peoples so dedicated to the cause
of the Internet and the rights of regular peoples to knowledge and
information in any form, that’s the main reason I choose to support his plan.

In case you share my views, don?t hesitate make things happen, you are a rightful citizen of a virtual country make your voice heard.

In case you are looking for more info: