I want my company to be …

I want my company to be…

  • somewhere people can innovate.
  • somewhere that big and small ideas count
  • somewhere Open Source isn’t just a bunch of free tools to make use of
  • somewhere that doesn’t just make software – rather someone obsessed with
    making damn fucking good software
  • somewhere developers don’t feel they are wasting their time keeping up
    with the bleeding edge
  • somewhere extensive knowledge of Ruby, Perl, Cocoa, Linux, HTML, CSS,
    Crypto, Jini, Jabber, Technology X… doesn’t seem useless
  • somewhere developers look at each other’s work and think “I’m
    glad that exists”
  • somewhere that developers talk to clients, clients talk back and both gain
    from the experience
  • somewhere everyone makes money, and has fun doing it
  • somewhere that all the staff enjoy each other’s company enough to go out
    for a few beers on a Friday night
  • somewhere developers do more than taking stuff out of a database and show
    it on a screen, then take stuff from a form and put it in a database
  • somewhere developers aren’t forced to be managers, do sales or answer the
  • somewhere developers don’t feel that in ten years time they’ll be the
    next generation of COBOL programmers
  • somewhere where quality counts for something
  • somewhere that people are proud to work
  • somewhere people would still come to work if they never had to work another
    day in their lives

(adapted from Charles Miller’s
The Desktop Fishbowl
 and here are the ones I’m not sure about for
different reasons)

  • somewhere 90% of the company isn’t old and married
  • somewhere that owning a copy of Stevens Unix Network Programming Volume
    doesn’t make you feel like an weirdo


He he, welcome to my company 🙂 and
don’t look at the site yet, it will be revamped when the work of the last year and half
will go public 😉 (as in Apache license).