RUE rated “JARS top 25%”

After one year since submission JARS had reviewed RUE and rated it JARS top 25%.

The score RUE obtained is:

  • Presentation: 170
    (max possible 200 given for content- visual
    appeal, look, feel, packaging, graphics/sound/video quality, overview,
    documentation etc… )
  • AppletPerfect: 240
    ( max possible 300 given for difficulty/complexity, correctness, approach, technique, style, etc… )
  • Function: 180
    ( max possible 200 given for usefulness- to the net, ease of use, known bugs, operation, stability, etc… )
  • Originality : 280
    ( max possible 300 given for uniqueness- new concept, new idea, improvement, Innovative, usage, need/reasoning, etc…)

Apprentice JAVAHOLIC certified developer

We missed 80 points to make it JARS rated top 5%.

Heck, I even got certified by JARS as Apprentice Javaholic. Who cares, anyway?