What’s wrong with Star Office?

I was looking at the nice KDE desktop and saying “Ok, now what do
I do?” I don’t have Office (don’t tell me to use Star Office or
whatever they’re calling it this week).
[Sam Gentile’s Radio Weblog]

I’ve got my Office with the laptop, nothing to do there, but even when I’m in Windows I’m more happy with Open Office.

I have hree reasons for that. First, I’m the 20% type of user (as
probably many of you) and Open Office fully satisfies my needs.

The second reason. It uses nice XML as document type. If you save a Star Office or Open Office document and then open it with some unzip utility (WinZip?) then you will find a couple of beautifully architect-ed XML
documents. Data, metadata and styles are completely separated. Why it
is this so important to me ? Because in some near future I may make a
quick and dirty script to import all my Open Office / Star Office
documents in an XML storage system and do whatever I want with them,
including publishing them on the net with my own skins or generate PDF
documents or whatever.

Now, I’m sure that you can do that with Word to but you will have to get dirty for that.

The last reason is the Drawing application, you can save your drawings as SVG and again, because SVG is XML you can do quite some interesting things with it.