The search engine of the future ?

Now, this is how search engines will probably look in the future.

A search for syndication weblogs on
Click for the full image

What you see is a search on Kartoo for: syndication weblogs +scripting +news (using the flash version with the results limited from Teoma and Google.

It’s plain fantastic, you can use a collection of 15 data sources, search engines (Google, Teoma, Altavista, …) and directories (DMOZ, Yahoo)
in any combination you like, skins, zoom, different visualization
styles and so on. Also html and text version available but then you
miss the point, aren’t you.

Definitely thats how the future looks.

So, let’s KartOO some more :).

Would be cool if they would provide some kind of XML-RPC, SOAP or even REST service with all the relations as RDF or any kind of XML.