SpaceMapper Status

If I look at the mn8 cvs commits, I end up (again) at the conclusion
that this was yet another unproductive week, half the number of
commits than last week. Hmm, this is something very hard to believe.
“mn8” is working more than ever, everything is on it’s way happily
doing as planned every feature I was afraid of seems to work. This
should be the time to frenetically code for the last 100 matters and
still … Maybe is just a matter of discipline?

Finally DataStore seems to get on frozen status, no new bugs
discovered so Crow and Atech are 100% procent on “mn8”. There is only
one trick issue to be solved around the net centered part. It is very
important and decisive for “mn8” and is about integrating the net
part with the query language in an transparent way. In this way you
could do an each query from an URL and the from command would get the
query, select only the variable that can be transformed in a protocol
specific query (HTTP and HTML pages, beep and SEP queries, file and
filtering, …) and filter out the documents before being filtered by
the where clause. If this doesn’t work (but it will) we have serious
problems, you want to work on a couple of documents from an SEP
subtree and that would mean getting all the documents from the
subtree and filtering them, that is a waste of bandwidth and
processing power. This is what Atech is doing now.

Crow was busy doing some word wrapping and is working on stripping out
text from HTML pages. This could prove usefull to convert them to XML
and also to get some result formated in HTML and send them by email.

“HyperPad” is quite usable and stable now, Borzy still have a few bugs
to crash, but it looks and works quite decently, for an Java
application 😉

Got a funny idea last week! “mn8” doesn’t have too many user
interaction possibilities right now, and I don’t think the usual ones
(button, text field, …) have to be directly implemented, but,
concepts could be developed to emulate XForms. Now, having the
concepts for some basic XForms widgets, someone could easily write
a requested interface to the respective concept. Getting a simple
output from the wrapper concept (the one which produce the desired
interface to the concept, just like in MVC) to an external program
which know how to do the rendering on it and to output the resulted
XML to the initial concept and whoala you have the much wanted user

The good parts ? First you are not forced to an Java based GUI
application to get the interaction, there are and will be some native
XForms implementations. Second but also important you could provide
a web based form starting from an XForms XML and a nice style sheet
:). Heh you could even have a CLI or a fake user interaction this
way. I can’t wayt to get there, but this will be lateter after the
basic “mn8” will work, in a second phase.