Crapy Morning

Oh, this just wasn’t my day. After sleeping 3 hours I woke up at 6 AM to get some coding done and get out a few items from my todo list and when I boot my laptop my dear Linux wakes up with lots of reiserfs warnings. That didn’t looked good, not a bit. I had a few hunches before (twice the contents of a directory was gone, with only the subdirectory structure remaining intact, and a couple of very strange and unusual reboots lately).

Made a backup (it’s a bit difficult if your home directory gets over 1G) and tried to a soft fix (-x), the fix seemed to go ok, but the warnings where still there. Tried a rebuild-tree (worked perfectly on two occasions before on other boxes) and screwed up totally my file system. So at the end spent all day installing fresh Linux.

There could have been no worse time for this to happen as Monday I have a milestone and any bit of time is more valuable than gold. As usually the loses where only personal (a couple of config files and personal documents) because in a funny way yesterday I struggled not to leave the company before I make the big commit. Lucky me I did it 😉

Oh well, that’s life, you win some then you lose some. My old Linux served me well for more than half a year, and reiserfs is a great files system. Life goes on :))