Open Source

Well, coding, coding, coding, not at the speed I planned or want but features are comming along. I discovered one thing about myself today. I don’t like changed code, it makes me feel bad, like it’s not pure anymore or I don’t trust it, even if I revise it line by line. When the feeling is to overwhelming I write a test case just to make sure! What the hell is wrong with me ? Or maybe is just my ego whom doesn’t like it that the code I produced is not perfect the first time. Yeah that must be!

Read an intresting article at the CIO Magazine. The idea is that most CIO’s are not happy with the commercial software these days. The amount of money spend is just colossal, and the results are I think well known by most of us, I think all of us had a few bad nights about the crap managers pulled on us just to get the piece out in time, without consideration for testing, quality and so on.

Now I have this idea troubling me for some time. Why not make an coalition of OS developers (or teams) and start producing Open Source software for specific enterprise areas. The money would come from sponsoring, in fact most of the CIO’s interviewed would be favorable to an Open Source solution, in fact many companyes could group together to sponsor such an software. Sure, support is needed, but let’s face it if they pay us we will provide the support to. Another issue, that might be a good idea to sponsor local LUG’s, which could act as local support.

The advantages are obvious, quick bug fixes, solid code, interoperability. No more huge maintenance costs (think about $400,000 for only one company) and most important no lock in. Sure it might take a year or two till the software would actually be usable, but I would see it as a good investion.

The disadvantage, who will pay us for our daily job ?