After Release Status

After the first public release of SpaceMapper DataStore and MN8 last week I have some data to draw some conclusions. Unfortunately, on the release date, the FreshMeat announcement contained links which did not passed through the SourceForge counters
(the link was directly to prdownloads instead of the downloads section
on the status page), so I have no Idea about the downloads in the first
day. However seems that there is a lot more interest in an XML database
than in a new scripting language and even so 78% are interested in the
binaries and only 22% in the source of the database project. With the
scripting language the situation is reversed, 79% interest in the
source and only 21% in the binaries. I guess peoples are more
interested in how to write an interpreter than in using a new one 🙂

No feedback, no bugs, no mailing list interest no contributors which is reasonable to a first public release.

What is not reasonable is that the Klez virus on somebody’s computer
noticed the release and it sends thousands of virused mails with my
email address in the from. In case anyone receives one I’m really
sorry, it’s not my fault, it’s not from me and you can verify that by
looking at the source of the message. All the mails I send goes through
our server ( which I’m sure you won’t find in the
received headers.