DataStore and MN8 (ver. 0.7a) finally out!.

Just wanted to let you know that after many months of hard work a first public release of SpaceMapper DataStore and MN8 is available.

What is SpaceMapper DataStore ?

DataStore is a Java based document repository server for storing,
querying and fetching XML based documents. It is built on practical
needs allowing the storage of semi-structured (well formatted, maybe
validated, XML, XHTML and HTML) documents and un-structured documents

The documents are stored in conventional relational database
(Postgresql, MySQL, DB2, SAP DB) assuring that way the maximum
advantages and reliability of these products. Being built on top of the
Avalon Phoenix
framework, it allows server components to be easily developed, deployed
and shared. The documents are managed through a BEEP and/or XML-RPC
interface using a subset of the SEP (Simple Exchange Profile) protocol.

What is SpaceMapper MN8 ?

MN8 is an experimental object oriented scripting language, tightly
integrated with the net, which emulates the concepts at the core of XML
in order to simplify and make as transparent as possible information
extraction and manipulation from the WWW and XML documents.

Written in Java works with most operating systems and allows easy
reuse of the huge number of libraries available trough simple wrappers.
At this point MN8 has concepts for: HTML, HTML-Forms, Cookies, RSS,

Then what is SpaceMapper ?

The SpaceMapper
effort was born from the classic Internet desire to see if there is a
better way. The effort evolved from an early RFP on the now-defunct
SourceXchange which was awarded to the Romanian open source development
firm noLimits Technologies. The project is Open Source (Apache like license) and was sponsored by the 501(c)(3) non-profit arm of (Internet Mulicasting Service ) and noLimits Technologies.

For any questions related to the SpaceMapper and/or MN8 project please write to the mailing lists.

MN8 and DataStore
is still very young and far away for reaching it’s purpose, so any
feedback, ideas, questions and constructive criticism is more than
welcomed 🙂