Had a couple of thoughts on cloning this is a bit strange, as I don’t really pay attention to this particular field.

But think about it a bit. If you got a disease something incurable or genetic then you can be fixed. If you have vision problem or there is some lethal virus out here then they can fix you. Sure all this assuming that they can get all your memories and maybe your soul to.

I don’t know how you would think about this but I would definitely like if in time my vision gets bad (because I getting old) to get to a hospital put me on “slip” and wake up in a newly engineered body with perfect vision and some small genetic engineering to make me immune to the latest viruses.

This would mean improving the quality of life, I would get older just as normally I would, but probably I would die only when I considered I have done all I wanted and do it in a peaceful way.

It’s true nature invented evolution for this but why leave it all on nature? We have done this in all fields why not in genetic?

Yes it could be used to bad purposes but almost everything can think about atomic energy or explosives.