Hm, it took me 3 weeks to solve a bug, that’s definitely a record.
Truth is I’m not sure it was a bug or a feature. It is a bug because
doesn’t worked, it did when I implemented the feature, but then “MN8”
changed and nobody tested those two methods. Now works, and it does it
nicely that’s what counts. It is also covered with tests cases so next
time it gets screwed will know. Cool we have now 1114 tests for “MN8”,
tests containing “MN8” script code running in a “MN8” script base test
framework. Cool.

We also have some new scrappers and a primitive “Jabber” client. For
now it is only able to send and receive normal messages. Will see
latter what more can we do with it.

RSS, RDF, OPML, scriptingNews2.xml concepts implemented. A cool thing all do is allowing you to have a  new RSS, RDF … feed containing only the new items since it was last invoked.

The only remaining things to do till we hand it over to our publisher are:
finishing the documents for the language syntax (the API for the
concepts is almost done), tackle a bit the basic error handling and do
some more examples.