Terrible, terrible days.

Terrible, terrible days. I don’t know why always the last 100 meters in any project are so painful and hard to make. I literally have to drag myself to get anything done. Tasks seems like glued on my tasks list page.

All the gray matter from my brain it’s replaced with something dense and dark, hardly can think clear see or get anything done.

Ah and the bugs! For the last 3 days I’m doing nothing else just trying to figure out why can’t I name an element inheritedConcepts. And all this after spending two days to figure it out that the name was the problem. Makes absolutely no sense. So, I just gave up, renamed the field to something else. Spent already to much time on this.

Hopefully the BuildReference concept will be ready today. It’s cool, the whole mn8 reference is generated from xml files containing the concept documentation. The template itself for writting the doc is generated by another concept and filed in with as much information as available (elements, attributes, methods, constructors, operators) the user only have to fill in the description and usage.

In around 200 mn8 script lines the script references are loaded, crossreferences computed styles applied to give at the end beautiful javadoc like documentation. Just beautiful.

If I could only get rid of all those nasty bugs and spend my time adding functionality instead of fixing it would be so nice. But hey bugs can be only where is code, and having actual code an functionality is great.