Mailing-lists vs Blogs

Since Sam posted his essay
about blogs and collaboration, I keep thinking about why and what is
the difference and most important if it is one at all  between blogs
and regular mailing-lists.

It is and it isn’t. In blog based collaboration there is no
commitment. You launch you idea/plan and everybody is welcomed to join
in. If somebody is in the mood it will happen. But the same is true
with mailing lists and lurkers.

What comes is more interesting and this is the reason I think there
is no difference. Once you started getting involved everybody expects
you would carry on. This is true for blog as for mailing list based
collaboration. So, once things gets rolling there is no difference.

Still the entry is smoother and less intrusive, therefore more
likely to happen. Every mailing lists has it’s old, wise and active
guys if you have an itch you might not address the list not to bother
the active community, one you’ve got a blog things are different. You
can let it out. In the worst case scenario nothing bad will happen
(nobody will read it).

Once you’ve got committed to something in a mailing-list life can be
harsh. Politics it’s not uncommon there and since the list have 
usually a purpose every one feels it has to stand on one or the other
side. You can not have the freedom to do something different than the
“democratic committee” voted since that is forking, and for some reason
forking is bad. Hoverer this seems to be different on a blog. Probably
because there is no committee 🙂 . &

Yesterday it worked perfectly, today “Radio” didn’t upstreamed. The
event message displayed in the logs is: Can’t upstream because “Can’t
evaluate the expression because the name “urllist” hasn’t been defined.

Had to do again the whole process, which is ok but my old id (51)
changed, now 45 which is not that ok anymore 🙁 Now I found out that 45
wasn’t even an empty one. Seem that RCS gave me an id which was already
of somebody else. Ups. Now what to do ?

I have the feeling that is broken.

Microsoft warns of Java security hole in Windows .  Who is using applets anymore! I though they died long time ago, “Netscape”, “Microsoft” and Sun took care of that.