Am I scared ?

Given Dave Winer‘s
to introspection, I decided that I will write about my feelings
on the subject.

First, I watched the events since the beginning. Even if most
Americans have no idea of the existence of my country (Romania),
after the first plane crash, all channels where interrupted and
started presenting the dramatic events. It happened that the
TV was on at the moment. I watched the live broadcasts for almost
24 hours without pause. I won’t describe what I felt then as I
preferred not to speak at that time either. The only
reason is consternation and the constant inability to find words
to match my feelings, and that maybe because the events where
beyond any human comprehension.

Yes I am scarred! Not because I fear that some terrorist will
do something in my area, but because the attack has raised the scale.
For now on, I fear that terrorist attacks will be more dramatical than
ever. I fear that they discovered that can do a lot more damage than
ever. It’s like security. It’s one mastermind who does the script, but
the real damage is made by the thousands of script kiddies whom found out
about it and then use it.

Maybe one reason because I’m scarred is that I realized that people can
seriously think at doing such things. The fact that the decency scale
got that low.

Yes I am scarred! I am scarred because I see a war. A war which is not
against any nation, but in which nations are targeted. I see a war in which
there is no chance to win. A war which could get a lot more pain, than the the
event which caused it. You can’t win a direct fight against lunatics. You have
to isolate them, you have to cure them. But first you have to find the source
of their madness.

As always I blame everything on politics, as my suspicion is that the source of
their madness is in politics. The game which a few people make and in which
the little people get hurt (and I mean the casual American people). Was
politics which made my parents and grandparents suffer 50 years of Communism and
Russian influence, but it wasn’t the Romanians who made it, yet they had to
live with it. My grandparents where waiting the Americans for 50 years, they
never came. That is politics.

Just as a disclaimer, I love America! The WTC attackers has to be punished and
terrorism has to be stopped.