Back From Holiday

After 7 years I finally had a 10 day holiday. It was great,
it emptied completely my pockets, but what the hell, once
every 7 years I can afford that 🙂

So here are a few facts:

  • Romania is a great country, with a great sea and superb
  • Romania is populated with peoples whom are Latin at
    origin, that means a holiday is expensive (relative term,
    depending on how much money you have) and the service is
    poor. I heard about Turkey that is a great holiday country,
    not expensive and with excellent services
  • I kept wandering at the end of the holiday if I am
    relaxed and fresh. I couldn’t tell. I only knew that I didn’t
    felt burned out as I did when I went in holiday. But I
    didn’t felt very relaxed either. Was it too short ?
  • Romanians as most European’s have around 21 regular work
    days holiday (huge in conparation with the Americans). But
    (there is always a but) very few have the money to go for so
    long in holiday so most of us just work.
  • Don’t use a 400 film in regular point and shoot cameras
    in full sun, it won’t really work.