Daily Rumblings

The University of Cambridge has announced the winner of one of its most prestigious prizes, the Admas Prize. The year’s topic is Quantum Information and the winner is Dr Sandu Popescu, as you might guess a Romanian. ” His research in quantum physics has revolutionized the field and has already resulted in the first experimental demonstration of quantum teleportation, involving a single particle of light.”. That’s the way to go, One to beam up, Remus out.

Found an interesting piece of document written by R.V. Guha. Added to my IOS page.

The Internet was well, as long as the amount of documents published was (relatively) small and the documents contained extremely valuable information. But those days are over. In every domain the amount of documents and information published on the web is colossal.

Search engines are almost useless in properly filtering out information, always when I needed some piece of information the most vital one I found well after the project was over. Something has to be done.

At local (site) level there seems to be some good looking solutions for the future. It seems the RSS 1.0 + XMLNews + RDF + XTM can nicely work together to produce added value to a site. But what can be done at a larger level, at the Web level.

Even if opinions are very splitted when RDF is the topic, the man has a strong opinion and maybe a case.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist three free ebooks at ibiblio.org:

I’m not really sure they will teach us to think as computer scientists ;), but who knows (I didn’t read them yet), I just like free books. BTW you can download them.