Daily Rumblings

Doc Searls: Getting past fear and fudding

Managed to procure pipe tobacco, huh, Now it’s clear that I’m dependent :(.

“It follows that if Microsoft sells goods that are aesthetically unappealing, or that don’t work very well, it does not mean that they are (respectively) philistines or half-wits. It is because Microsoft’s excellent management has figured out that they can make more money for their stockholders by releasing stuff with obvious, known imperfections than they can by making it beautiful or bug-free.” from Neal Stephenson’s In the Beginning was the Command Line, worth reading it.

Started IOS (Internet & Open Source). There are to many articles I read and forget. Some of them are important and I would like to have it at hand. That is JOS (at least for now) a collection of links to story’s find revealing related to Internet and Open Source.

Hackers versus crackers, always a fascinating story. Here another one by Monta Elins at LinuxJournal.

Every programmer produces bugs. The difference between a good programmer and a not so good one is only in the amount of bugs they produced. There is also a difference at the management level, a good manager will keep the bugs in house, and unfortunately a not so good one at their clients.