Daily Rumblings

Eazel, a company in which many (including myself) has put their hopes to improve Linux GUI and usability is going down. Unfortunately not many Linux companies remaining, I’m wandering when Ximian is going to close their gates.

Even if the unfortunate dot.com bang wouldn’t be associated with the OpenSource and Linux, Microsoft war machine is all over Linux these days. There seems still that one thing they can not understand. Yes they can demolish Linux (OpenSource) based companies (what’s left whatever) but they can not make Linux disappear. Linux is not a company and doesn’t depend on corporate
financing, Linux is volunteer work and passion, you can’t fight that :))), in fact I have the feeling that they will grow our numbers :)).

What amazed me this morning that I found an article about Linux in an magazine. Then I see the date August 1999. Which magazine have now the guts to write about Linux, even the truth ? Still I learned one amazing thing from it, Jon Hall, the executive director of Linux International (an organization which promotes Linux) is an manger at Compaq !.