RUE 0.52

Well, the bug fix release of RUE is out.

As usual lot’s of downloads no feedback. However now I’m not that confused about that, since I found a thread on Slashdot on this subject.

Only a few peoples who makes the download actually install the software, and even fewer whom install it give feedback or contribute. The idea is that one project needs around one to two years (I’m not sure this is true also for Java) to have contributors and peoples interested in the project.

The big problem with RUE is that I really don’t know what should it be, considering that the new standard in monitoring (and management)JMX and the way it can use SNMP and TMN as protocols, there are plenty tools to do that even open source and Java ones. The way it works now is obsolete. This would not be an issue, but the amount of time I have to spend on it is definitely small compared to other projects, so features will come in quite slow.

Anyway, I won’t give up, people have to have options where to choose from, just started to have a few ideas how to make RUE useful and unique, even if the development will go a bit slower. But first specifications, because I don’t want to start the development of the new release until I don’t make a clear set of specifications, that’s why feedback would be so important.

What else ? Tyrex, playing around, and this for multiple reasons. First to have the Tyrex sensor I promised, second doesn’t hurt to know a bit about transactions. There aren’t to many documents out there about this, but I managed to find a few I liked. In case you are interested, here are the links to the documents: