Java in Industrial Applications / JaRPE – Java Remote Process Explorer

This was a old (1998) college project,
mainly having as purpose to investigate the potential of Java in
Industrial Informatics.
The conclusions where very positive, and to prove that I built JaRPE
(Java Remote Process Explorer) a kind of SCADA (Supervisory Control and
Data Acquisition) system.

Sorry, only the Rumanian version is available, and I’m afraid it will never be translated.
The work was just to prove a concept, and it’s far away of a real utilization do it worked
perfectly. It might be the foundation of a future open project which will expand actual functionality with Jini.
Limbajul Java in Aplicatii Industriale (300 K, Romanian Version)

JaRPE – Java Remote Process Explorer

Basically JaRPE
contains an extended JavaBean framework (a JavaBean with a tiny signal
server in it) called JaVIns from Java
Virtual Instrument. Every JaVIns can be connected to a local signal
source, and by enabling the server feature in it becomes also a signal
source. In this way it is possible to build signal chains. The JaVIns
can be passive: like the JaviDiagram, which does not alter the signal,
or active like: JaviButton or JaviMultiPos which propagate any change
on the
signal chain back to the signal source.

In reality instruments are grouped in panels, so, in a virtual
instrumentation virtual instruments are grouped in screens. With
JaRPEdit (the screen editor) it is very easy to create a screen. Every
virtual instrument is a JavaBean so it is really easy to import new
virtual instruments and build a screen with them. When ready it can be
saved (serialized) in to a file and handled over for instance to the

The SmartApplet it’s not that smart in reality but
for sure it looks that way. His only job is to get the screen file
builded with JaRPEdit and wake up our small virtual instruments.


This is the screen builder, with the three JaVIns: JaviButton,
JaviMultiPos and JaviDiagram. In the center you can see the actual
“screen”, at the left are the JavaBeans based components and at the
right is the JaviButton properties dialog.

This is used to simulate a real signal generator. For convenience the same JaVIns are used. This is the idea behind
JavaBeans, reuse, right ?

This is the actual test, The SmartApplet which displays the builded
screen and bellow the SignalGen which is the signal server and the
monitored device.