Daily Rumblings

I like it! There is at least one thing that I learned, if you really want to learn something, go to the source (of knowledge). Let the ones who live it tell you the story, not the ones who learned it.

Somehow related, I was trying to clarify a few things related to how class loaders work, and how are related to security. I lost a couple of days reading lot’s of stupid documents which left more questions the answers, till I found one document and a email, which made it all clear. The best material is always hidden.


Applet Problems

Spent my weekend with some RUE bug fixes, the patch version 0.52 it’s on it’s way.

Spent my week trying to solve the “certificate” problem for signing RUE (being able to run as applet in Netscape). I just start to hate more and more those Netscape guys, I don’t know why are standards for if nobody respects them. Neither Microsoft does but at least in IE I can completely deactivate the security and run RUE. I just had to insert all over RUE special code just for Netscape-applet mode, when rue is mainly intended as an application, I really hate doing that. But the problems does not stop here. Now Netscape does not trust the Sun packages like jndi.jar and rmiregistry.jar, because are not signed. The ugly part is that I either force the user to consider all the classes signed (case in which I don’t need a signed version of RUE, off course that if it finds one signed jar will not work, don’t you love Netscape). The second solution would be to sign jndi & rmiregistry jar’s which I don’t know if I’m allowed to do.

About Netscape and test certificates after a very frustrating week I finally managed to hack a method to produce X509 test certificates for Netscape valid for as long as I want. And I’m sure I will write it down in the next day’s just to make the life easier for others who might have the same problem.