CodeCamp Iasi 2013

After a very successful 2012 session about JavaScript (“JavaScript, from dark ages to renaissance, the web apps revolution”) this year I wanted to continue where I stopped with Angular.JS and single page application design. There was already a presentation about single page application design with some other framework so this year I will approach the other end of the story “Designing RESTfull WebServices and Web APIs”

Codecamp Iasi presentation

Codecamp Iasi presentation

Especially for single page applications but also for web and mobile web applications REST based web services are indispensable and all do the flexibility of REST based web services is high so is the number of architecturally wrong decision one can make when designing such an API. In a sense it feels a lot like JavaScript in the fact that everybody has the feeling that it knows the domain or does not have to dig deep into it just because it sounds very simple.

In this years session I will try to go over the most important rules and best practices when designing such services. Hopefully It will be a session just as interesting as the last one.

If interested see you in Iasi on 20th of April, New York room from 10:00 – 10:45.