At two months

Lili & Sasha

There are already two months since Sasha was born, I still find it pretty amazing, I still re-live Lili being pregnant in her last month with all the difficulty of the situation, the trips to the hospital, the day of birth with all it’s emotions. It is just unbelievable that thing that used to signal us it’s presence from Lily tummy now it is a real person, next to me.

We waited around 5 years till we decided to have a child, we did right, but somehow we look at him every day and ask ourselves the same questions, how could we stay so long without having a child. We are qualified as a bit anti-social, as we don’t really like to go out, and we weren’t really attached to babies, but somehow the feelings related to Sasha where right there from the first moment we saw him.


He is a wonderful child, healthy and happy, which makes us extraordinarily happy parents. I’m not saying that we don’t have our moments, Sasha has, as almost every newborn, gases, colic’s, and some seborrheic dermatitis, but still he almost never cries without a reason. It’s a bit of a puzzle from time to time to find out exactly what is bothering him, but once found he is a quiet and smiling child.


We had some troubles at the beginning, Lili had one breast injured which made us worry that he might not be getting enough milk. Things where made worst by the first visit of our pediatrician who said after consulting Lili that she definitely doesn’t have enough milk so we should start giving him supplement. For sure every person you meet it expert in newborn raising so we where assured by everybody that once the baby starts bottle feeding he will quit breastfeeding. Well it didn’t happen. Till the breast healed, from time to time we needed to bottle feed him, but that definitely didn’t make him refuse the next breast feed. So in our case, that proved to be a myth. He grew constantly both in weight as in length, as a matter of fact, event that we feed him whenever he needed it, he was constantly spot on the growth charts.

Sasha David

I don’t know, it feels so easy, with all the little problems, at the beginning we even worried that it is too easy; we even managed to get enough sleep. Hopefully things will stay like this. Somewhere at the beginning of April he will be baptized, and after that given that the wheatear will be better we could start taking him outside, to fresh air (as fresh as you can get in a city).

Sasha David

I’m sure having most of our friends with newborns also helped. We learned not to panic, and we learn how to use the internet. Every time we had trouble, we found our answers on the net, and happily all the answers where reassuring. That’s how we learned that he has seborrheic dermatitis, confirmed be our doctor, that cortisone based treatments are used, which worked, but only for a short time, that you are not supposed to use it for really long time. Happily a non-cortisone based cream helped, also having him bath in real Camilla tea and not with the Camilla extract did magic. From time to time it reappears in a very mild form, but it is nothing to be concerned about as it is barely visible and usually disappears after the next Camilla tea bath. Oh and he loves water. In the last two month he never, and I mean, never ever cried during a bath.