Passion, technology makers and technology users.

Just read Kathy Sierra excellent post about how memory and memorable works when I stumbled upon the next paragraph:

“Remember–your users don’t have to be passionate about your product in order to be passionate users. Sometimes–often–users are passionate about what they do with your product. And it’s that thing they do where you can help them kick ass. Users who “kick ass” are those who get good enough to reach a state of “optimal experience” doing whatever it is you’re helping them do (through your product, service, support, learning, whatever)”

Now that was a very hard to learn lesson, as a tech guy I’m passionate about technologies and too often, at the beginnings, I tried to make the clients see the beauty of the technology behind a product or a solution. The only trouble is that, we live in a complex world and making them see something that takes months, maybe years of study and even more years of experiences is near mission impossible. It still makes a difference as if you really care about those things you can not really hide your passion, and passion, usually creates a kind of trust.

I think I learned my lesson but still, sometimes, not showing or talking about the beauties of a solution or technology leaves me frustrated. The truth is that not the technology matters but what we can do with it.