Java on Rails or Java on Sails?

Unless you where living under a rock, you have heard about Ruby on Rails, its basically a full web stack for writing real-word applications with joy and less code, how they put it, and most definitely the application that made Ruby a star.The basic idea was to use OO, and the cool new technologies work for you, in a transparent manner, hiding the complexity in convention over configuration, a very simple idea that makes a lot of sense.

Since that idea works quite well, powerful technology combined with simplicity its always a winner receipt, the Python guys did their version of Python on Rails, Turbo Gears. Even if it makes sense, despite the 45 Java based Web related frameworks, today I noticed that we have our own version, first release milestone, of Java on Rails, called Sails. It comes well equipped, with a Blog, a Community and Eclipse plugins.

I like the idea a lot, so its there on the list of things to investigate, right near Shale, and Seam. I think we are developing our own version of Kmania (from KDE) but it starts with S (Struts, Shale, Seam, Sails), hm.