XForms on top of SWT?

Well, I would definitely fancy that, XForms with SWT yummy. I watch the Mozilla XForms activity for a couple of years now but they don’t really seem to get to a publicly deployed version of Firebird with one soon. But even if they would I would still love to have support for that in my Java applications because what can be better than a rich GUI without all the hassle needed to actually build it and hard wire it.

Chiba is an almost-complete implementation of XForms for Java. Chiba seems to be easily embeddable on the client side providing so an XForms client for Java applications.

We are thinking and will try to use it to create an Eclipse RCP XForms client. This is directly related with the Z3ECM and CPS projects: we would like to use Eclipse RCP as a rich client capable to consume XForms coming from the server, as would do the web browser.

The first step will be to set up an XForms client that will use HTML Form as interface (played into the SWT browser). Then we will try to use the UIGenerator of Chiba to create on the fly SWT forms directly from XForms. (no, I’m not stone ! 😉