Free/Libre and Open Source Software: Survey and Study

The final report of the FLOSS survey and study sponsored by the IST program is now on-line at:

This report contains new statistical information about usage,
creation and economics of free / open source software, as well as
policy surveys and recommendations, mostly related to Europe.

It’s quite a lengthy report, packed with some quite interesting
results, worth having a look at it. For instance the use of Open Source
Software by country: Germany 43.7%, UK 31.5%, Sweden 17.7 %. The Open
Source activities of the 25 major software companies: 32% major OS
development activities (IBM, HP, Compaq, SAP, CA, Hitachi, Sun, …),
12% small OS projects (EDS, BMC, Adobe, …) and 52% no visible OS
projects (Microsoft, Oracle, …)