Well, I love when my day starts discovering that is Friday instead of Thursday and that Mozilla managed to trash irrecoverably all my recent mails. Those are the signs of a promising day 😉

So, a couple of days ago the WinXP Pro license arrived. I wanted
to have a licensed version of Windows on my laptop. After two days of
usage I still like it, do sometimes it drives me crazy.

I must tell you that for the last 3 years I used exclusively Linux
and I was quite happy 🙂 Then the normal question would be why are you
buying Windows then ? Well, I hove one day to sell some of the tings I
make and eventually I have to admit that most peoples use Windows and
Word. Linux is just not making any money. That’s a fact, not
necessarily a bad one! In this idea it is a bit hard to make windows
software under Linux 🙂

BTW, the Win thing is not final. Linux got
the biggest part of the hardisk for a good reason, I don’t think I will
be able to resist to much with Win.

What can I tell you in two days it died as much as my Linux in one
year (about 3 or 4 times) and the multitasking is nowhere near the one
“Linux” provides, but at least it’s cute. One think I really like is
that all my gizmos are working (cell phone, “Visor”) properly. I kind
of get used to have minor problems with them under Linux.

It’s a bit shocking to see that any software costs money, Linux made
me forget that minor aspect, but it’s ok, no software is really free.
It always costs money, that questions is only whose money? In OS based
soft is the money of the developer in the rest is of the client.

Anyway I’m in the process of making it a bit bearable by installing cygwin and XEmacs
on it. That thing will be bearable at least. A bit of bash in Win
doesn’t hurt. BTW, Xemacs works and looks beautiful.

UNIX Under the Desktop is the OS X review in the new Linux Journal by Brett Simmons and Doc Searls.
I have OS X on a second hand old Apple. It is true, “Apple” did it
right, Windows is nowhere near OS X, neither in usability neither in
stability in nothing. I just wait to make the money so one day I will
buy the dream machine, believe me or not it will run OS X and Linux.

always trust your instincts. Happily the XP came soon enough to make us
realize there is some time since somebody tested the applications under
Win. Course they didn’t worked, lucky us that we found out in time. So
here we are back again. This time I want to buy it (wish I knew how
would work that from Romania :). Will find the way I’m sure.