Daily Rumblings

Radio Userland Test.
Indeed this works (Hey, could you please put a speller in it, Ah and please make it work under Linux).

Now wait a minute. Crossed my mind to check for the rss.xml file and guess what it was there. What is nice is that it is automatically updated from the posts I made using Radio. What is intriguing  is that it has a nice(?) way of doing it. Each item in the outliner gets an item in the RSS (which normally is bad) but something Radio?) is looking for the first link in the item and if it finds one it will become the default link in the RSS
item having as title the linked text. I’m not sure if it is the right
solution but sure it worked quite well this time :). Well done.

I don’t know why people are so surprised about the spam invasion.
Listen to me it will get worse. Those marketing guys are convinced that
spam is good ( I actually read an article on an marketing oriented site
which I can not find anymore about how spam is good for business, I
hardly believe that but who knows, maybe they are right) look at some
other articles: Meme Crafting or The Five Most Important Words on your Web Site (I will spoil you pleasure and I will tell them: free, sign-up, buy, now, thank you, finally).

Not only our technology evolves, their to. I actually know a company
who designed an application target towards mail and personal
information web crawling that using some scripting language allows customized spam.
In fact you don’t need any fancy technologies, any scripting language
will do it. One little example, get all the registers from whois, and
send email with their first name to any email address crawled from the
registered domain, is that difficult? No!

Something has to be changed around the way we email each other. Maybe
requesting that any message be signed and the signature published on
some key server. Would that be enough? Don’t know, probably not, but at
least will increase the level of difficulty for the spammers. If we
look at the real life every mail we got is signed. If you would receive
an mail with no signature on it would you open it? Probably yes. What
if you would receive every day more than 10 mails without any signature
on them containing crap, would you open them ? Probably no!