Daily Rumblings

Installed kde3 KDE
3.0 (beta 1) today. Impressive work, everything is so well integrated
and looks just great. Not quite stable yet but doesn’t matter one day
it will be. I think this is the first KDE release I really like. For some strange reason I always was founded to Gnome or Enlightenment even if most applications in KDE outperformed the Gnome ones.

After all that happened during the last last year I still believe in
Linux. I run it every day whole day long, and I like it, it’s not hard,
it’s not difficult (it was at the beginning, but please don’t tell me
that you felt Windows from the first second)

It’s stable, it’s powerful, alive and very rewarding with those who
have some patience. This year meant a lot to Linux lot’s of excellent
applications, starting with Mozilla, Galeon, Gabber, OpenOffice. Now that Adobe has released a SVG plugging for Mozilla all my dreams came true, I am a very happy Linux user, period.

I’m not sure that all those 10 predictions Joe Barr made
will become true, but I’m sure that Linux on the desktop is stronger
day by day and one day it will get it’s well deserved place.

This week after a whole year of designing, planning and coding I made
the first mn8 pre alpha release to our sponsor. Even if it does not
have yet all the features I want for an alpha release and has pieces
which are not quite finished I like it.

A funny mixture of filings overwhelmed me, pain and suffering from
the exhaustion (2 hours of sleep per day can be ruff) and planning
failures, joy and amazement on how well mn8 performs. It does what it
has to do and I does it easily with grace, better than I expected when
I designed it.

is almost true about HyperPad to, we managed to make it a nice
application despite the fact that is Java/Swing based one, the skins
are nice and the antialiasing is a blessing under Linux, still is slow
and huge memory consumer. Also being base on the HTML component from
Swing gave us lot’s of head aches. It’s a shitty component. Some HTML
code do render, some render badly and most just crash it. It was an
experiment anyway. However, this week the idea of doing the same thing
but in Mozilla, with all the lessons learned from HyperPad didn’t gave
me peace. Looking around through some documentation made me realize
that it would be a lot easier to implement than HyperPad was. Just
imagine an Mozilla (browser, mail client) mn8 aware, that would rock.