Daily Rumblings

I was playing with “HyperPad” and in about one hour I made it to use antialiased fonts, it looks cool, do the antialiasing is a bit strong and it’s quite unpleasant in time. Anyway it looks a lot nicer, strange how ugly the fonts can be in Java under Linux. Also managed to solve the SkinLF bug, now if any skin it’s used the backspace key in the editor works. I had to set the look and feel first and then create the widgets. It is a funny bug, I still can’t figure why if you set the look and feel after the components are created the backspace and back cursor keys won’t work.

Another not quite funny thing happened today, while switching from xemacs to xterm to make a clean build, I noticed the the build went extremely fast, when to start the application it failed. All the source files where deleted, the source directory was clean with the subdirectories still there but no file in them. No delete command was issued, just disappeared. It happened before (once) a couple of months,, but that time I was blaming it on Quanta (it was a beta version, and I was working around importing files into a project) but this time was no Quanta around. Must be something with reiserfs. Probably I should do a kernel upgrade! Anyway happily no harm was done (this time) as I had the fresh files in emacs and the sources where in the CVS, I’m lucky enough to do commits often 😉