Daily Rumblings

What we seem not no understand is that software is not soft at all. It requires highly qualified people, and still produce very complex and unreliable systems. If you don’t believe me, let’s just discuss Internet and security. Have a look at this report made by Steve Gibson and see how an 13 years old kid, can compromise your highly priced e-business. I was passionate about hacking (never done any illegal activity against any other system, other than mine or of my company), and I was surprised to see, from inside, that the amount of technologies and knowledge involved are a lot over what so called “security experts” now or might dream. Still was shocked to see how far they got. I don’t even dare to think about the holes new web services will provide, and the damages which could (and trust me will) be done. I think ESR said that Linux and OpenSource isn’t about money (or the lack of it) but about control. It gives control back to the user. If you will read the report will see how an 13 year old kid, controls a few hundred computers (Windows of course) (maybe yours to) and manipulates them as he sees fit. Not to talk about the fact that you have no privacy at all, your secret documents, your passwords, your email, files and pictures are at his disposal. But don’t worry, you won’t know it.

BTW: Last month or so I installed a small tool on our Internet server too see how many scans (software rune usually with malicious intentions in order to determine the software and services a server offers) we have. I was surprised to find out that e have around 20 scans daily.

Still at software, I think the man who made (and still makes) the most important work in Software Management lately is Martin Fowler.For sure is a person who’s activity deserves attention. We are still in our infancy with it, we have tried yet almost everything failed enough times to disregard any methodologies up till now. Yet, Agile Alliance, and Flowler‘s “The New Methodology” gives me hope. Why ? Because I’ve tried a few things from it and produced visible results. It would have been even better if peoples where not involved 🙂

Started to hate TV seriously, it’s a complete waste of time. I managed to get off it a few weeks ago and I’m perfectly happy, with lots of time better spent. Every time I pass by someone watching a TV I have always the same feeling, like he’s connected to some device, which eats his will, time, soul, and creativity. Yuck! Instead read a book, you will be amazed how different your life will be.

I have serious problems getting me do anything useful in the last 3 or 4 days. I would like to know what is the problem! I discovered feelings I didn’t had for almost 8 or 9 years. It’s almost ridiculous how I behave. All my thoughts, my energy, my dreams and free moments are oriented towards one thing. If wouldn’t be something I always cared a lot I would say it’s ridiculous. I even started to listen and look up for poetry and song lyrics.

Still at feelings. Funny that almost everybody as time pass, and “maturity” kicks in stops talking (and even thinking) about feelings. What’s the problem with us ? What, it’s not worth it, it’s not a sign of maturity, are not part of our life’s any more, or
isn’t in fashion any more. Or maybe as we are more and more frustrated with success, carrier, money we discover that our only feelings are greed or anger. Why wars, complots, politics, corruption, lies are tolerated and feelings not. Some of us still have them. Or maybe is only fear,that someone might take advantage of us ?