Daily Rumblings

Like usually sporadic log updates :(. I’ve got two weeks ago my Visor, was not the Ice model as I requested but the Graphite (that’s how it works around here). Doesn’t really matter, what does is that is cool. Tons of software and the gadget is quite practical. As a matter of facts that is the reason why there are more Palms sold than Psions. Even if an Psion is more advanced from almost any aspect, Palm’s are more practical. Again a matter of usability.

Made the mistake to upgrade to Mandrake 8.0. XEmacsJDE broke, font aliasing not working, Gimp not working, MidnightComander strange behavior, ethernet driver with bugs, Abiword managed to start only once. The nVidia drivers which always where decently supported are behaving strangely and I could go on and on. The sad part is that starting with Mandrake 7.0 every new release sucked more and that I ordered the package before trying it. So when I decide to pay for a Linux distribution, I choose the wrong one. Maybe is time to switch to Debian or RedHat.

Spent some time watching the #rdfig channel on irc.openprojects.net, and runned into Tim Berners Lee. I was kind of shocked, I couldn’t believe that such celebrities are touchable. On the other hand is the working place of some other famous peoples like Ed Dumbil, Dan Connolly, …

Fboutinally, found a way to improve my team and to provide negative feedback. We bout some cool books, but nobody read them. So now every day one of us is preparing a half an hour speech about something (from the books). The book we started with is Martin Flowler’s Refactoring. The guys
love it plus that if you are too late, you’ve got to make the speeches for the whole week 😉

Information System ArchitectureOne of the recurring themes of my career is how to structure sophisticated information systems, particularly those that operate
across multiple processing tiers…
, Martin Flowler