Daily Rumblings

Great time in nature. The whather was beautiful as the peisage. Never thought how exhausting can be relaxation. Yesterday I wasn’t good at anything: sleepy, tired, unable to get a decent thought. The funny thing is that I managed to sleep around 9 and half hours, which is definitely record for me. Maybe that was the reason. Pictures, available (as soon as I scan them).

Happy that we don’t have to many holidays around here, still this month there is another workless day, 14 May, the official day of my town.

Weird problem, with JDK 1.3 from Sun and KDE 2.1. If there is any setBounds involved (and there is more than you can imagine, setLocation for example) the window or dialog is totally thrashed. This doesn’t seem to apply to the JDK 1.3 from IBM, or in Enlightenment.

The consequence of this fact is that I dropped KDE 2.1 as my default window manger, and returned to my old love Enlightenment. This time, amazing things are finally possible. I run the Enlightenment as WindowManager, KDE 2.1 applications as Quanta, KWrite, Kedit and for sure the best of all Konqueror, which eats 1/3 of the memory consumed by Netscape and 99% of the pages are rendered just like by Netscape 6. And on top of this the Gnome panel which holds my menus and applets. Cool, real interop here.

Runned out of pipe tabacco. The weird is that when I have you can also find it in every shop, but when I don’t have and I’m on my way to buy, there is none left :(. Is this a sign 😕

What’s new on the brain bench? Well, miniXML.