Peer Reviewer

Lot’s of news. First I am now a Peer Reviewer at sXc, which is just great. Not to say, but: “You’ve been approved as a SourceXchange Peer Reviewer by Brian Behlendorf, our founder and CTO.” how can you not to feel good after such a news. A friend of mine pointed out that “we (from Eastern Europe) have to run twice as much just to have the chances other have”. I’m not sure if he is right, since Internet gives almost everyone the same opportunities, but in some things there is a huge difference.

New Tyrex, was released, and I have to make a sensor for it, therefore I’ve been reading a bit about JMX, but I guess I will have to read a lot cose I still don’t know how to introduce JMX support for RUE. I can choose (IMHO) between implementing SNMP support for RUE or to write some PA’s (Protocol Adapters) for JMX.

Configured another Internet/Linux server today, I just hate to do that, it’s so time expensive, all those little tidbits, set a few thing here, adjust a bit there, don’t forget to do that, next time I will write the whole process, because what’s worst is the feeling that maybe you forget something. And almost all the settings have to do with security. Man there is no such thing as security !.