Lucky me I posted the monitor API initiative on Javalobby, otherwise who knows when I was to find about the JMX (Java Management Extension). I don’t know but i have the feeling that there is so much happening on Java, it’s very hard to get the news to people. The JMX was started basically at the end of 99, and when i started RUE (march 200), I’m sure I’ve been looking all over the Internet for something like that and I found nothing.

By the way I took a little vacation and I did a little face lift to this site, hope you like it. Also another news is that my sound card is working finally with SMP. After the “reorganization” of Aureal i was really concern that I will never get the drivers with SMP support but thanks to a few great hackers, a new project started at sourceforge. Yes its, and those guys did a lot. That’s why I love open source.