Well it’s been some time from my last entry. What happened during the last months. Well a lot. Why a lot, because I’ve got my open source project. If your interested go check, yes it’s hot and strong, maybe not exactly now, but for sure it’s going to be. Am I satisfied ? No, i mean i was for about a day, when the last version was released, but after that things got normal.

There is also a lot of disappointment in this project. I’m not going to build it for me (do i will also use it), since I’m going to spend my nights on it, all i wanted is some kind of feedback, what people would like to have. I wanted to know that I’m working for something people will appreciate. After the announcement, i had almost 1000 visitors, ask me how many letters I’ve got. Answer 1. Tell me how many user subscribed to any of the mailing lists. NONE. Now maybe you will understand. Then i think-ed a bit about this, I’m sure if now there is no interest in this project one day will , I’m sure about this. Finally maybe a good optic would be to build it for me. I enjoy writing code i, like Java, and It’s not something obsolete to say that I’m loosing my time on it, so i will do it for me if anybody will afterwards be interested in the project will be welcome, until then it’s only my satisfaction.

On personal domain, i didn’t really had time for life, nor that here would be anything to desire attention (except my wife and friends, but they are all here with me), oh yes and now I’m one year older.